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Professional Tack Cloth

Datco Professional Tack Cloth is manufactured from the highest grade 100% woven cotton and impregnated with our non-hazardous tackifier solution. Available in a full range of tack levels, Datco Professional Tack Cloth is used in all paint applications to eliminate birdseye, cratering and marring to guarantee a contaminate free surface. Datco Professional Tack Cloth is a superior product for use on Copper-Clad Laminates.

Benefits & Features

  • Use in hi-tech production including CCL’s
  • Compatible with any surface and all paint applications
  • Compatible with waterbase and waterborne paints and powder coating
  • Anti-static, non-toxic, safe and odorless
  • Silicone and solvent free
  • Removes dust, lint, metal and other contaminants
  • Leaves surface clean and free from residue
  • Always soft and pliable



Our cloths are packaged in plastic to prevent contamination. Each case is marked with a tracking label and lot number for complete product identification
and traceability.

Display Box

  • 12 individually bagged cloths
  • 12 boxes/carton
  • 144 pieces

Individually Bagged

  • 144 individually bagged cloths per carton

Bulk Cut

  • 144 pieces per carton
  • wrapped in plastic


  • 150 and 250-yard rolls

Available Colors

Tack Cloth
Professional White and Tan

Available Sizes

  • 18″x 36″ cloths
  • 2-Ply Rolls of 150 yds or 250 yds

Available Threadcounts

20/12, 20/16, 24/20


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