Industry Applications






Sticky Mats

Professional Sticky Mats prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering any controlled work environments.  Sticky Mats are ideal for clean room or paint booth entryways or any place a contaminant free space is desired. They are also used extensively in computer, aerospace, electronic and manufacturing facilities. Each mat has 30 or 40 sheets of polyethylene film. Each layer is specially treated with pressure sensitive adhesives to remove any traces of debris, leaving no residue. When the surface is contaminated, simply peel off the top layer and discard.

Benefits & Features

  • Fast, effective, economical and easy to use
  • Adhesive layers have color tabs for easy separation
  • Non-skid adhesive backing keeps mat in place



  • 30 or 40 sheets per mat
  • 120 sheets per box

Available Sizes

  • 18” x 36”, 18” x 45”, 24” x 36”, 24” x 45”, 26” x 45”, 36” x 36”, 36” x 45”, 36” x 60”
  • Custom sizes available. Please inquire.

Available Colors

  • Yellow, Red, Clear, White, Blue, Gray

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